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Cape Canaveral, Florida; Alaska

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Commercial Rocket Takes Off for International Space Station

Aired May 23, 2012 - 04:00:00   ET


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UNIDENTIFIED STUDENT: This is Mrs. Maynard`s social studies class from Ridgeview Junior High School in Perinton, Ohio.
미국 학생: 여기는 오하이오 perinton 에있는 ridgeview 고등학교 교실이에요
carl azuz의 cnn student news에 오신것을 환영해요!
시작합니다 !

CARL AZUZ, HOST: We appreciate the students at Ridgeview Junior High for getting us started today.
오늘의 시작을 맡아준 ridgeview 고등학교 학생들에게 감사함을 표합니다

Hi, I`m Carl Azuz.
안녕하세요 저는 carl azuz입니다

It`s May 23rd and we are ready to launch into today`s headlines.
오늘은 5월 23일이구요 오늘의 헤드라인인 로켓발사에대해 준비했습니다

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Three, two, one, zero and launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket, as NASA turns to the private sector to resupply the International Space Station.
신원미상 여성: 3,2,1,0- 그리고 NASA가 개인적 공간을 국제적 우주 공간으로 재공급함으로써 sapceX falcon 9로켓이 발사했습니다.NASA가 개인적 공간을 국제적 우주 공간으로 재공급함으로써

AZUZ: What you`re watching is the beginning of a new era in space exploration. It`s the first time a commercial rocket, one owned by a private company, has taken off for the International Space Station.
여러분은 지금 우주 탐험의 새로운 시대가 열리는것을 보고계십니다. 이것은 국제적 우주 공간에 이륙되는 로켓중 개인이 소유한 로켓으로 상업적인 로켓으로써는 처음인데요,
SpaceX`s Falcon 9 Rocket is carrying 1,300 pounds of food, clothes and supplies. The company has a contract with NASA worth nearly $400 million. And it`s trying to show that private companies can get to the ISS safely and efficiently.
sapceX의 falcon 9로켓음 1300파운드의 음식과 옷과 여러공급품들을 옮깁니다.이 상업적 회사는 nasa에게 거의 4억달러에 가까운 돈을 계약했습니다. 그리고 개인 회사들도 국제우주정거장에 안전하고 효과적으로 도달할수있다는것을 보여주려고 노력하였습니다.
John Zarrella explains this shift in space exploration.
john zarrella이 이 우주탐험을위한 이동을 설명해줄것입니다.


JOHN ZARRELLA, CNN CORRESPONDENT: No one is going to any planets right now, because there are no vehicles that can take anybody to the planet. So all of these companies are trying to develop their own rockets, their own spacecraft, in order to take U.S. astronauts to the International Space Station.
john zarrella,cnn 특파원: 지금은 아무도 다른 행성에 살려고 하지 않습니다. 왜냐하면 다른 행성으로 옮겨줄수있는 수송 기구가 없기때문이죠. 그래서 이 모든 회사들은 us 우주비행사를 고용하기위해 그들의 로켓들을 발전시키려고 노력하고있습니다.

What NASA decided to do was to get out of the low Earth orbit business.
nasa에서 하기로 결정했던 것은 낮은 지구 궤도 사업에서 벗어나는것이었습니다.

How do you do that?
어떻게 그렇게 할수있을까요?

You start turning over to commercial companies the flights to the International Space Station, taking crew, taking cargo and eliminating the Space Shuttle program. It was the only way that NASA was going to be able to move out and do the things that NASA does best, which is to do deep space exploration.
승무원과 화물들을 싣고 , 우주 shuttle 프로그램을 제거합니다.이것이 nasa가 할 수있는 유일한 방법이며, 최고의 방법입니다.

So now you have several commercial companies competing for contracts for taking cargo to the International Space Station, competing for contracts to ultimately take astronauts to the International Space Station.

The only place to go right now, until there are space hotels, until there are private space stations, is the International Space Station. So, you know, these companies really need NASA`s money and NASA`s seed money in order to develop their spacecraft.

And at this point, the only real customer out there to go to the International Space Station, you know, is NASA.

SpaceX is saying that it can charge NASA $20 million a seat to fly astronauts to the International Space Station. Right now, because NASA has no way to get there but using the Russians and their Soyuz rocket, NASA is paying $50 million to $60 million a seat to the Russians.

So a big difference in how much it`s going to cost if someone like SpaceX or Orbital, U.S. commercial companies, start flying astronauts. It will bring the cost way down.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Today`s Shoutout goes out to Mrs. Eickhoff and Mr. Zoucha`s social science classes at Boone Central High School in Albion, Nebraska.

Which of these U.S. states has the longest coastline?
이중 어느 지역이 가장긴 해안선을 가지고있을까요?

Here we go.

Is it Florida, Michigan, California or Alaska?
florida, michigan, california, alaska중 뭘까요?

You`ve got three seconds.
3초 드리겠습니다




UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Alaska has more than 6,600 miles of coastline, far more than any other U.S. state.
alaska는 6600마일이 넘는 해안선을 가지고있습니다. 어떤 다른 지역보다도 길죠.

That`s your answer and that`s your Shoutout.


AZUZ: Officials are worried about what`s washing up along some of those coastlines -- massive amounts of debris from Japan that was carried out into the ocean by last year`s tsunami. Some Alaskans say it`s causing an environmental disaster.

Casey Wian examines what`s floating ashore and some of the potential dangers.


CASEY WIAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Debris washes up on these beaches all the time, has been doing so for years. But locals say they`re seeing things that they`ve never seen before, like these big buoys that are used in oyster farming in Japan.

Also, building insulation material, the spray-on foam that`s used to insulate buildings.

And most dangerous of all for right now, in terms of the wildlife, is this sty -- these Styrofoam buoys. You can see how easily these little pieces break off. And when they break off, fish and birds eat them. And then it becomes a real big problem.


AZUZ: Some of you have been asking me on Twitter about what`s going on with the Costa Concordia. It`s the Italian cruise ship that wrecked back in January. Ever since then, it`s been laying on its side in the water.

Brian Todd explains the plan to get it out.


BRIAN TODD, CNN CORRESPONDENT: (voice-over): Nearly 1,000 feet long, weighing close to 50,000 tons, every day on its side is a looming environmental disaster. Experts now say they`ll salvage the wrecked Costa Concordia cruise ship in one piece, off the coast of Italy.

One marine expert says it`s like raising a floating city. A salvage leader calls it the largest ship removal by weight in history.

American-owned Titan Salvage, its Italian partner and the cruise line provided journalists with footage and animation of their plan. They`ll attach heavy cables from poles to keep the Concordia from slipping hundreds of feet into greater depth; then, steel-plated slings to support the hull.

(on camera): Then, underwater platforms 40 meters by 40 meters will be anchored to the seabed by the hull to support the entire vessel. Then tanks filled with water called caissons will be fixed to the side of the ship that`s above water to help with leverage.

(voice-over): At that point, possibly the most crucial part of the operation. It`s called parbuckling. Massive cranes fixed to the platform will pull the Concordia upright. The caissons will be emptied of their water, replaced by air, which will lift the ship from the seabed. Then Concordia will be towed to a nearby port and demolished.

Salvage and cruise line officials say this recovery operation could take up to a year and could cost around $300 million. Joseph Farrell says cutting the vessel up to sell the metal and other parts for scrap could recoup some of the money lost.


AZUZ: According to a study from 2006, 22 percent of U.S. high school dropouts leave school to take care of a family member. That`s who Connie Siskowski had in mind when she launched an organization to help young people who are helping others.
azuz: 2006년에 실시된 조사에 따르면 22%의 미국학생들이 그들의 가족을 돌보기위해 학교를 빠져야한다고 합니다. 여기 이런 가족을 돌보아야하는 어린학생들을 돕고있는 connie siskowski를 보시죠.

Here`s her story.
여기 그녀의 이야기를 시작합니다.

신원미상의 여성: 괜찮아요

신원미상의 남자: 괜찮아요?

Here, let me help you.

My mom has been sick for as long as I can remember.
저희 엄마는 제가 기억하는한 옛날부터 계속 아파왔었어요

You need more methadone.
methadone이 더 필요해요

Helping her out is a bigger priority than going to school, because I don`t know what I would do if something happened to her. I wouldn`t be able to really live.
엄마를 도와주는것이 학교에 가는것보다 더 중요해요,왜냐하면 만약 엄마에게 어떤일이 생긴다면 어떻겠어요?,사는게 사는것같지 않겠죠.

CONNIE SISKOWSKI, CHAMPIONING CHILDREN: In the United States, there are at least 1.3 million children caring for someone who is ill or injured or elderly or disabled. They can become isolated. There are physical effects and the stresses of it and the worry.
connie siskowski: 미국에는 적어도 130만명의 아이들이 자신보다 나이많은 장애인을 돌보고있어요. 그들은 고립되기가 쉽죠. 신체적영향과 스트레스가 있을 수 있어요.

신원미상의 여성: 고맙다 얘야

Thank you so much.
정말 고맙다

SISKOWSKI: But these children suffer silently. People don`t know they exist.
siskowski :하지만 이 아이들은 묵묵히 자기일을 수행하죠. 사람들은 그들이 존재하는지도 모르고있어요

I`m Connie Siskowski.
저는connie siskowski입니다

I am bringing this precious population into the light to transform their lives so that they can stay in school.
저는 이 소중한 아이들을 데려와 그들이 정상적인 학교생활을 할수있도록 도와주고있어요

Good to see you.
만나서 반갑다

We offer each child a home visit.
우리는 아이들 한명한명에게 모두 방문을 하고있죠

Has a ramp been helpful?
경사로가 도움이 되었니?

We look at what we can provide to meet the need. We go into the schools with a peer support group and we offer out of school activities that give the child a break.
우리는 무엇이 그들에게 도움이 되는지를 봐요. 우리는 동료 도우미들과함께 학교에 가서 아이들이 휴식을 취할수있게 학교생활을 도와줘요.

UNIDENTIFIED CHILD: This is so relaxing.
신원미상의 아이: 정말 도움이 많이 되고있어요

SISKOWSKI: So they know that they`re not alone. We give them hope for their future.
siskowski: 그럼 그들은 자신이 혼자가 아니라는것을 알게되죠. 우리는 그들의 미래에 희망을 주는거에요.

신원미상의 여성: 고맙다 louis

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Now I`m getting As and Bs and I feel more confident.
신원미상의 남자:이제 저는 성적이 As와 Bs가 나오고 있어요. 좀더 만족하게되죠.

SISKOWSKI: But we have a long way to go. There are so many more children that really need this help and support.
siskowski:하지만 아직 갈길이 많아요. 이런 도움을 받아야 할 아이들이 아직도 너무 많아요


AZUZ: To do what Siskowski does takes character. And that`s the kind of thing that we`re talking about going into the Memorial Day weekend. You`ve seen your school describe character, you`ve heard your parents talk about it.
siskowski씨가 하는 모든일들은 어떤 character를 담고있어요. 그리고 그리고 이것을 이번 기념식 주간에서 이야기 할건데요.아마 여러분은 학교에서 character을 언급하는것을 보았을 것입니다. 그리고 부모님이 이것에 대해 말하는것도 들었습니다.

How would you define it?
이것을 뭐라고 정의할건가요?

Any cat lovers out there are going to flip for today`s Before We Go segment.
어떤 고양이 애호가들은 오늘의 before we go segment를 보면 열받을수도 있을겁니다.

This little guy willing to work for his food. Either that, or he just wants to show off. But so would you if you could do that. Watch that again in slow maintain. It`s a backward feline flip.
어떤 작은 고양이가 그의 음식을 위해 움직이고있네요,아니면 그냥 보여주기 위한걸 수도 있구요, 하지만 당신이 저걸 할수있다면 어떻겠습니까, 슬로우모션으로 다시보시죠, 뒤로 뛰기네요

And I guess it`s true, cats do always land on their feet. This acro- cat does it purrfectly.
그리고 이건 사실입니다. 고양이는 언제나 그들의 높이에서 착지할수있어요. 이 엄청난 고양이는 이걸 완벽하게 해내네요.

Now, you might expect this kind of talent from a black and white cat, because, after all, some are pepper and some are salt.
이제 아마 여러분은 이 점박이 고양이의 재능을 예상하겠죠,이 뒤에일어날 혹평들 말이죠.

It`s time for us to go.
끝날 시간이 되었습니다

But don`t flip out, we`ll be back tomorrow with more CNN STUDENT NEWS and more puns.
하지만 화내지마세요,우린 내일 또 만날테니까요,말장난과 함께 말이죠.

See you then.

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