iPhone 5 might arrive in Korea on Sept. 28

아이폰5, 28일 국내 발매 유력 "적진서 이벤트"

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With Apple gearing up to introduce the eagerly awaited next-generation iPhone on Wednesday at an event in San Francisco, rumors are flying over when it will arrive here in Korea.

An exclusive report from the Asia Economy Daily citing an anonymous source said the iPhone 5, expected to be thinner and longer than its predecessors, might debut in Korea on Sept. 28 through two carriers ? SK Telecom and KT - and preorders will begin a week before.

Neither SK Telecom nor KT confirmed the report, citing Apple’s famously strict confidentiality rules when releasing a new product. An Apple Korea spokesman could not be reached for comments.

The local news report said that a third-generation connectivity-enabled iPhone 5 will arrive first. It could not confirm whether the iPhone 5 will support the super-fast, advanced long-term evolution networks. But an SK Telecom spokesman said it is “unimaginable” for the iPhone 5 to come in two different connectivity formats.

“The new iPhone will only come in a single connectivity although we cannot say which one it will be,” he added.

A source with KT, who asked not to be named, said there is an “over 90 percent chance” that the iPhone 5 will come in an LTE format. “Telecom industry insiders believe the newest Apple phone not coming in LTE doesn’t make any sense at all,” he said.

LTE technology is much more fragmented than 3G and the frequency bands vary according to nations and carriers.

When Apple in March started selling its latest version of the iPad, the first of its mobile devices to support LTE, only some carriers in the United States and Canada could support the tablet PC in LTE format. The iPad in Korea runs on 3G networks, not LTE.

SK and KT, yearning to boost their numbers of LTE users after spending trillions of won on the next-generation network, have been negotiating with the Cupertino, California-based Apple in the past months to make the LTE connectivity with iPhone 5 available here.

When Samsung Electronics released its flagship Galaxy S3 smartphone, the iPhone 5’s biggest competitor, in June, SK Telecom exclusively circulated 3G-enabled models first, and two other carriers unleashed the now hugely popular handset only with LTE connectivity later.

“Apple is not the same as Samsung” said the SK Telecom spokesman, when asked about that precedent.

LTE is not a dominant wireless technology yet. According to market researcher Wireless Intelligence, the number of LTE subscribers totaled 27 million in the second quarter. Of them, users in the U.S. accounted for 47 percent, followed by Korea at 27 percent (with 7.1 million) and Japan at 13 percent.

아이폰5, 28일 국내 발매 유력 "적진서 이벤트"

애플 아이폰5가 국내에서는 28일 발매가 유력하다고 아시아경제가 10일 보도했다. 12일 미국 공개보다 2주 가량 늦은 날짜다.

신문에 따르면 애플은 이달 28일 쯤 SKT 강남 직영점 또는 종로 대형 매장, KT 광화문 올레스퀘어 등에서 아이폰5 출시 행사를 진행할 전망이다. 특히 SKT 강남 직영점의 경우 삼성전자 서초 사옥과 800m 떨어져 있다는 특징이 있다. 신문은 이동통신사 관계자를 인용, “애플이 줄서기 이벤트를 적진에서 펼치는 효과를 노린다”고 분석했다.

이번에 발매되는 모델은 3G모델이다. LTE의 경우 아직 국내 이통사와 합의가 되지 않은 것으로 전해졌다.

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